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The Crimson Shield - Holy Spirit Confirmation - 5 Decade Paracord Rosary

The Crimson Shield - Holy Spirit Confirmation - 5 Decade Paracord Rosary

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Arm yourself with a spiritual weapon that's tough and durable! The Crimson Shield - Holy Spirit Confirmation Paracord Rosary is made with sturdy 550 paracord in a deep maroon red, with dark maroon Our Father beads and matte black Hail Mary beads. It's designed for boys or men who are preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation or have a special devotion to The Holy Spirit. The black enamel 3" St. Benedict crucifix matches the Hail Mary beads and adds a touch of strength and protection to the rosary. The centerpiece features a red enamel Holy Spirit devotional medal, a perfect symbol for the sacrament.

This rosary is built to last and will withstand any challenges that come your way. Its larger size emphasizes its power and importance as a spiritual weapon. Its bold and masculine design sets it apart from other traditional rosaries. It also makes a great gift for someone special who is about to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. Don't settle for an ordinary rosary, choose The Crimson Shield and prepare for spiritual battle.

Interested in the pocket sized version of this rosary? We have that too, as well as a women's version of this rosary!

Made with:
- Paracord 550
- 12mm acrylic beads
- Red enamel Holy Spirit devotional medal
- 3 inch St. Benedict Crucifix

About Our Rosaries

  • All rosaries are handmade by our small Catholic family of 6.
  • The adult or regular size rosaries typically use 12mm beads.
  • The kid’s size rosaries typically use smaller acrylic beads (~10mm)
  • Our metal rosaries use 10mm metal alloy beads, thinner paracord and a rosary centerpiece medal.
  • Our knotted rope rosaries are sized very similarly to the beaded rosaries.
  • Any rosary can be customized to change rope/bead color or crucifix/devotional medal depending on what we have in stock, just shoot us a message!
  • Looking to add a devotional medal? You can find our medal options here and here.

More info about Sanctus Servo, our mission, our rosaries or The Rosary can be found here.

** Remember to have your rosary and devotional medal(s) blessed (and exorcised if it is a St. Benedict medal) by a priest before use for maximum indulgences!


  • Single Decade Pocket Rosary: ~9.5 inches
  • Metal Five Decade Rosary: ~17 inches in length (center loop is ~20 inches around)
  • Adult Five Decade Rosary: ~21 inches in length (center loop is ~26 inches around)
  • Kid Five Decade Rosary: ~18 inches in length (center loop is ~22 inches around)
  • Knotted Rope Rosary: Same size as Kids Five Decade

Questions or Customizations?

Contact us if you have any questions, would like to confirm any sizes, or would like any customizations!

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Samuel Hanna
Blessing from New Mexico

AMAZING quality and fast shipping. This isn't a dime store, mass-produced item—many Irish blessings to you and your family.

High Quality

Great product hight quality fast shipping

Everything was Great

Thank you once again everything was great! Very responsive, very nice, very fast shipping, and quality rosary withiut defects.