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Add-on Devotional Medal #1 - Catholic Patron Saint Medals, Add to Your Rosary

Add-on Devotional Medal #1 - Catholic Patron Saint Medals, Add to Your Rosary

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Devotional Medal

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Make your rosary even more special with an add-on devotional medal! We offer over 60 different options to choose from, allowing you to customize your rosary and deepen your devotion to a particular saint or holy figure. Simply select the medal you'd like to add to your rosary, and we'll attach it for you. Whether you're looking to honor a patron saint, seek the intercession of a beloved holy figure, or simply add a touch of personalization to the rosary you're gifting to a loved one, our devotional medals are the perfect way to do it. Browse our selection today and make your rosary truly one-of-a-kind!

1. Miraculous Medal (Blue Enamel)
2. Miraculous Medal (Latin)
3. Miraculous Medal (Regular)
4. Miraculous Medal (Small)
5. Mater Dolorosa (Our Lady of Sorrows)/Ecce Homo
6. Our Lady of Perpetual Help
7. Madonna of the Streets
8. Virgin of Carmel/Sacred Heart
9. Our Lady of Guadalupe (English)
10. Immaculate Heart of Mary (Red Enamel)
11. Our Lady of Guadalupe (Green Enamel)
12. Our Lady Untier of Knots
13. Our Lady of Lourdes #1
14. Our Lady of Lourdes #2
15. Our Lady of Fatima (Blue Enamel)
16. Our Lady of Fatima
17. Our Lady of Good Counsel / Holy Trinity
18. Our Lady of Good Counsel
19. Our Lady (Generic)
20. Our Lady of the Highway
21. Holy Face
22. Sacred Heart (Red Enamel)
23. Sacred Heart
24. Sacred Heart (Triangle)
25. Divine Mercy
26. St. Joseph #1
27. St. Joseph #2
28. St. Joseph the Worker
29. St. Joseph / Holy Family
30. Holy Family / Holy Spirit
31. Holy Family
32. St. Michael / Guardian Angel (Red Enamel)
33. St. Michael / Guardian Angel
34. St. Michael
35. St. Michael
36. Guardian Angel #1
37. Guardian Angel #2
38. Holy Spirit (Red Enamel)
39. Holy Spirit
40. Holy Spirit (Triangle)
41. St. Benedict (Regular)
42. St. Benedict (Larger, Olive)
43. St. Benedict
44. St. Patrick
45. St. Patrick / St. Bridget
46. Holy Souls in Purgatory
47. St. Christopher #1
48. St. Christopher #2
49. St. Sebastian
50. St. Luke
51. St. Anthony (Brown Enamel)
52. St. Anthony
53. St. Bernadette
54. St. Dymphna
55. St. Florian
56. St. Vincent De Paul
57. St. Kolbe
58. St. Mary Magdalene
59. St. Agnes #1
60. St. Agnes #2
61. St. Catherine of Siena
62. St. Anne
63. St. Therese
64. St. Pio
65. St. Gerard #1
66. St. Gerard #2
67. St. Peter / St. Paul
68. St. Paul #1
69. St. Paul #2

About Our Rosaries

  • All rosaries are handmade by our small Catholic family of 6.
  • The kid’s size rosaries typically use smaller acrylic beads (~10mm), Crucifix (~1.5 inches) and devotional medal (~.75 inches).
  • The adult or regular size rosaries typically use 11-12mm beads, a 2 inch crucifix and 1 inch devotional medal.
  • Our metal rosaries use 10mm beads and thinner paracord (paracord 275 as opposed to paracord 550) and typically have a rosary centerpiece medal, but we can mix and match that as well.
  • Our knotted rope rosaries come out to a very similar size as the rosaries with beads.
  • Any rosary can be customized to change rope/bead color or crucifix/devotional medal depending on what we have in stock, just shoot us a message!

More info about Sanctus Servo, our mission, our rosaries or The Rosary can be found here.

** Remember to have your rosary and devotional medal(s) blessed (and exorcised if it is a St. Benedict medal) by a priest before use for maximum indulgences!


  • Single Decade Pocket Rosary: ~9.5 inches
  • Metal Five Decade Rosary: ~17 inches in length (center loop is ~20 inches around)
  • Adult Five Decade Rosary: ~21 inches in length (center loop is ~26 inches around)
  • Kid Five Decade Rosary: ~18 inches in length (center loop is ~22 inches around)
  • Knotted Rope Rosary: Same size as Kids Five Decade

Questions or Customizations?

Contact us if you have any questions or would like any customizations!

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Customer Reviews

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Very Nice Medal

Medal was very nice no defects tbnsk yoh again for the medal :)

Tout est Parfait

Tout est parfait ! Ils sont exactement comme je l'avais demandé, de très bonne qualité, ils sont même encore plus beaux en vrai ! Un travail merveilleux, une rapidité impressionnante et très disponibles.
Que Dieu vous bénisse !

Barry Cocke
Very Satisfied

Very satisfied with purchase.

Barry Cocke
Wonderful Item

Wonderful item and very satisfied with purchase.

Barry Cocke

Very satisfied with purchase. Wonderful item.