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Terror of Demons - St. Joseph - 5 Decade Paracord Rosary

Terror of Demons - St. Joseph - 5 Decade Paracord Rosary

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Introducing the Ultimate Spiritual Weapon: The Terror of Demons - St. Joseph - Black and Red - 5 Decade Paracord Rosary

Are you ready to take on the forces of evil and protect yourself and your loved ones from spiritual harm? Look no further than our latest rosary design, the "Terror of Demons" rosary! Named after St. Joseph, this powerful tool is perfect for anyone seeking to strengthen their faith through the intercession of the Terror of Demons himself and to ward off evil forces that may be influencing you or your family.

This stunning rosary features black/white cats eye Hail Mary beads and red/maroon Our Father bead, creating a bold and striking design that will catch the eye of fellow believers while serving as a constant reminder of your devotion to God. The 2" silver pardon crucifix and double devotional medal pairing of St. Joseph and St. Benedict provide not only an aesthetic touch but also serve as a symbol of divine protection, ensuring that you are never alone in your spiritual battles.

St. Joseph, Terror of Demons: Pray for us!

Made with:
- Paracord 550
- 12mm acrylic beads
- Two Devotional medals: St. Joseph and St. Benedict
- 2 inch Pardon Crucifix

About Our Rosaries

  • All rosaries are handmade by our small Catholic family of 6.
  • The kid’s size rosaries typically use smaller acrylic beads (~10mm), Crucifix (~1.5 inches) and devotional medal (~.75 inches).
  • The adult or regular size rosaries typically use 11-12mm beads, a 2 inch crucifix and 1 inch devotional medal.
  • Our metal rosaries use 10mm beads and thinner paracord (paracord 275 as opposed to paracord 550) and typically have a rosary centerpiece medal, but we can mix and match that as well.
  • Our knotted rope rosaries come out to a very similar size as the rosaries with beads.
  • Any rosary can be customized to change rope/bead color or crucifix/devotional medal depending on what we have in stock, just shoot us a message!

More info about Sanctus Servo, our mission, our rosaries or The Rosary can be found here.

** Remember to have your rosary and devotional medal(s) blessed (and exorcised if it is a St. Benedict medal) by a priest before use for maximum indulgences!


  • Single Decade Pocket Rosary: ~9.5 inches
  • Metal Five Decade Rosary: ~17 inches in length (center loop is ~20 inches around)
  • Adult Five Decade Rosary: ~21 inches in length (center loop is ~26 inches around)
  • Kid Five Decade Rosary: ~18 inches in length (center loop is ~22 inches around)
  • Knotted Rope Rosary: Same size as Kids Five Decade

Questions or Customizations?

Contact us if you have any questions or would like any customizations!

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Customer Reviews

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Shipped Fast

They were so kind and shipped SO fast!
We love our rosaries!!

11 Year Old Gift

Bought this for my 11yo son whose favourite colour is red. He loves it so much!
He also loves St Joseph's title 'Terror of Demons'
High quality product, very well made and looks great! Highly recommend Seller for excellent service and products and prompt delivery. Thank you!!

Would buy again

Would buy again an will do business in future

Awesome Rosary!

Awesome rosary! Sarah is even more so!!! Beautiful personal note included.
I’ve purchased from her before. Always a perfect product and perfect transaction. Fast shipping and a fair price. Could not be happier. Highly recommended seller!!!

Very nice rosaries

Very nice Rosaries. Will buy more.