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Heavy Duty Hail Mary - Rosary Bracelet

Heavy Duty Hail Mary - Rosary Bracelet

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Inspired by the iconic Heavy Duty Hail Mary rosary, this unique creation is not only a beautiful expression of devotion but also a testament to the unbreakable bond between the faithful and their Lord.

Crafted with the utmost care, each knotted prayer bead represents one of the 10 Hail Mary prayers reminding you to recite them with fervor whenever you slip on this adjustable, black/brown camo paracord rosary bracelet. The subtle earthy tones evoke a sense of rugged determination, reminding you to stand firm in your faith despite the trials and tribulations that life may bring.

This premium-quality knotted rosary bracelet is not just a beautiful accessory but also a powerful spiritual tool. Its durable paracord rope can withstand the rigors of daily life, a constant reminder of the promises made to God with every prayer recited on its sturdy knots. Whether worn as a symbol of devotion or carried as a reminder of the sacred bond between us and our Creator, this unbreakable knotted rosary bracelet is an authentic representation of my commitment to praying the Rosary and serving as a Holy Servant.

Join us in this journey of spiritual strength and courage with the new knotted rosary bracelet, perfect for those who desire a tangible connection to their faith. With every prayer recited, may this sacred tool guide you towards a deeper understanding of God's unwavering love and mercy.

Made with:
- Paracord 550
- 12mm acrylic bead and a 10mm acrylic bead

About Our Rosaries

  • All rosaries are handmade by our small Catholic family of 6.
  • The kid’s size rosaries typically use smaller acrylic beads (~10mm), Crucifix (~1.5 inches) and devotional medal (~.75 inches).
  • The adult or regular size rosaries typically use 11-12mm beads, a 2 inch crucifix and 1 inch devotional medal.
  • Our metal rosaries use 10mm beads and thinner paracord (paracord 275 as opposed to paracord 550) and typically have a rosary centerpiece medal, but we can mix and match that as well.
  • Our knotted rope rosaries come out to a very similar size as the rosaries with beads.
  • Any rosary can be customized to change rope/bead color or crucifix/devotional medal depending on what we have in stock, just shoot us a message!

More info about Sanctus Servo, our mission, our rosaries or The Rosary can be found here.

** Remember to have your rosary and devotional medal(s) blessed (and exorcised if it is a St. Benedict medal) by a priest before use for maximum indulgences!


  • Single Decade Pocket Rosary: ~9.5 inches
  • Metal Five Decade Rosary: ~17 inches in length (center loop is ~20 inches around)
  • Adult Five Decade Rosary: ~21 inches in length (center loop is ~26 inches around)
  • Kid Five Decade Rosary: ~18 inches in length (center loop is ~22 inches around)
  • Knotted Rope Rosary: Same size as Kids Five Decade

Questions or Customizations?

Contact us if you have any questions or would like any customizations!

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