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Militia Immaculatae - St. Maximilian Kolbe - Signature 5 Decade Paracord Rosary

Militia Immaculatae - St. Maximilian Kolbe - Signature 5 Decade Paracord Rosary

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Embark on your prayerful adventures with our Signature St. Maximilian Kolbe Paracord Rosary, designed to be your unbreakable spiritual companion through life's battles. Crafted meticulously by the dedicated hands of our Sanctus Servo Catholic family, this rosary boasts exceptional durability and is specifically tested for young Catholics who seek a robust tool for their faith.

Our St. Maximilian Kolbe Paracord Rosary showcases a striking combination of red and black paracord, with black Hail Mary beads and silver Our Father beads, signifying the unwavering strength of your devotion to God.  The heart of this exquisite rosary lies within its sacred centerpieces. A stunning 3" white enamel St. Benedict crucifix serves as a potent reminder to seize control over Satan and all his wicked ways. Accompanying the crucifix is a devotional medal of the courageous and self-sacrificing St. Maximilian Kolbe, who willingly gave his life in Auschwitz concentration camp to save another's. This rosary also proudly displays a Miraculous Medal, an enduring symbol of faith that has brought solace and comfort to countless souls throughout history. The vibrant red and white colors of this rosary further tell the story of Saint Maximilian's courage – he chose both crowns presented by Mary, symbolizing his commitment to purity and martyrdom. 

Experience the perfect blend of traditional Catholic faith and modern materials with our durable paracord rosary – an unbreakable tool for prayer that can withstand any challenge you encounter along the way. Embrace this premium Catholic gift and join the ranks of the sanctified, as you embark on a journey of spiritual growth and fervent devotion to Our Lord and His blessed Mother.

Made with:
- Paracord 550
- 12 mm acrylic beads
- 3" white enamel St. Benedict Crucifix
- Two devotional medals: Miraculous Medal and a St. Kolbe medal

About Our Rosaries

  • All rosaries are handmade by our small Catholic family of 6.
  • The kid’s size rosaries typically use smaller acrylic beads (~10mm), Crucifix (~1.5 inches) and devotional medal (~.75 inches).
  • The adult or regular size rosaries typically use 11-12mm beads, a 2 inch crucifix and 1 inch devotional medal.
  • Our metal rosaries use 10mm beads and thinner paracord (paracord 275 as opposed to paracord 550) and typically have a rosary centerpiece medal, but we can mix and match that as well.
  • Our knotted rope rosaries come out to a very similar size as the rosaries with beads.
  • Any rosary can be customized to change rope/bead color or crucifix/devotional medal depending on what we have in stock, just shoot us a message!

More info about Sanctus Servo, our mission, our rosaries or The Rosary can be found here.

** Remember to have your rosary and devotional medal(s) blessed (and exorcised if it is a St. Benedict medal) by a priest before use for maximum indulgences!


  • Single Decade Pocket Rosary: ~9.5 inches
  • Metal Five Decade Rosary: ~17 inches in length (center loop is ~20 inches around)
  • Adult Five Decade Rosary: ~21 inches in length (center loop is ~26 inches around)
  • Kid Five Decade Rosary: ~18 inches in length (center loop is ~22 inches around)
  • Knotted Rope Rosary: Same size as Kids Five Decade

Questions or Customizations?

Contact us if you have any questions or would like any customizations!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Tom Zalucha

Love the two rosaries I got. Have always been curious though on one of physical makeups of the common rosary...
In the loop of decades, why is there NO "Our Father" bead at the beginning of the 1st decade and NO "Glory Be" bead at the end of the 5th decade?
Thank you again for your workmanship and wonderful offerings of the Rosary.

Very Good Quality

Very good quality and is beautiful. Thank you guys so much! God bless!

Gorgeous Rosary

Gorgeous rosary. Better than expected. Great quality and love everything that came with it. It's larger than my other rosaries and easy to keep place in the prayers.

Daniel from Europe

Ave Maria! I would have never expected in my life to write such a spectacular review! This is truly the miraculous rosary of the M.I.! I could experience three miracles this summer in my preparation period to join the MI, while praying with this rosary:1.a massive demonic attack during the rosary prayer by the fifth glorious mystery – “The Coronation of the Virgin”, confirming that this mystery hates the devil the most. 2.a mysterious experience by the rosary prayer “The Carrying of the Cross”, staying at the Golgotha by the Cross as the last disciple, where the beautiful Jewish woman with the pain in the face, but with determination in her eyes to follow the God, appeared. 3.a revelation of the fist mystery of a new powerful rosary, that I would like to spread in the Catholic Church in the future, while praying the third glorious mystery “The Descent of the Holy Spirit”. I could later realize that all these miracles can be found back on the Miraculous Medal - think about it. Via this rosary I have obtained the most intimate preparation of the Knight of the M.I. with three lessons learned for my spiritual fights that I would like to share with others: 1. fight under the banner of the Immaculata, 2. stay humble, this is the only skill that the devil does not have, 3. focus entirely on Jesus not on the storm/the devil!Once I will officially be consecrated to the M.I., I will inform the international M.I. office about these miraculous experiences more in detail. God bless you!

Beautiful Rosary

Such a well made beautiful rosary I'm so happy with it. I'll be using it for prayer for many years come 🙏